Right after using those soaked fruits for your annual Holiday Baking, then more fruits are soaked in alcohol for another year in your favorite rum. Some of the fruits that are used in Fruit Cake can be: The most popular fruits that are used in Black Cakes are the raisins and prunes. Try my jar method. There are some other recipes that call for 1kg of dried fruit in a single 9″ cake. Black Cake is a staple at Christmas in Guyana and many countries in the Caribbean. Easy Christmas Fruit Cake Without Alcohol. Great timing. After the third half-cup, ensure that you are … Take a large glass jar, big enough to fit your fruit. Cover the jar, shake it and let the fruit sit for at least 24 hours or up to one week. Jamaican Christmas Fruit Cake is not complete without soaking your fruits in some white rum and red label wine for about a year or at least a week in a jar (preferably a glass jar) with a lid. Whether you blend before soaking or soak then blend when you are going to bake, it doesn't make a difference with the fruit cake. I care deeply about helping you connect to your own inner wisdom. Prepare this recipe up to a year in advance of when you plan to make black cake, so that you’ll always be sure to have some on hand. Place all the fruit, peel and almonds in a ziplock bag, pour in the rum and port and squash it to mix the liquor into the fruit. This soaking is needed to help the dried fruits to rehydrate and become plump and soft, otherwise the cake will be a little dry. Either way your Black Fruit Cake will still be delicious. I'm in Trinidad! my mother always told me about how she used to make her jamaican rum There is no right or wrong, just preference. METHOD Mince the fruit and soak in 1 cup of rum, stouts with spices, essences, nuts, jam, and ¼ lb sugar Mix ingredients well and put in a jar, cover and allow the mixture to steep 1 hour When ready to bake, cook fruit over a low heat with 1 cup of water for 15 minutes. traditional make and mature christmas fruit cake, A Week To Get Stuff Done – Monday Oracle 18 January 2021, That Moment Where I Suddenly Understood That Moving Means Packing ALL THE THINGS, A Week Of Synchronicity And Insights – Monday Oracle 11 January 2021, Baked Passionfruit and Lime Cheesecake Recipe. I keep my fruit soaking all year round. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Finally! With black tea you can use a standard cup of very strong plain tea, but it also tastes amazing to use a flavoured black tea. Good combinations include raisins, currants, sultanas, mixed peel, glace cherries, cranberries, prunes and dates – but use what you prefer. It’s not that crumby and it has a dense texture like that of a fruit cake. In part one of this black cake making recipe we focused on preparing the aromatic fruits we’ll be using to give the cake it truly unique Caribbean flavor. This cake is soaked in rum weekly and will keep for up to a month, as long as you keep adding alcohol. Thanks for stopping by and please come back again. Yep, we have different names we call it. Total Time. I take a speedy approach: just microwave the dried fruit with juice and/or brandy, then stand for 1 hour … The macerated fruit mixture is the star ingredient to any Caribbean black cake recipe. Try to store the fruits in a … Prep Time. Yearly bakers start to soak their mixed fruits the beginning of the year and bake first week in December and feed the ... Black current – 150g Raisin – 100g Sultana – 150g. For example: some people say too much prunes makes it bitter, while some don’t mind it. You can add 1-2 tablespoon of milk if the batter seems too dry. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. … You can choose any types of fruits you want for your fruit cake. Most recipes call for dried fruit to be soaked overnight. The fruits are combined then soaked or steamed and left for a week, or a month or even up to a year or more. I'm Nicole Cody. No method is wrong here; just different, and based on preference. The fruits in this cake are usually dried fruits like currants, raisins, prunes, sultanas. What if I didn’t soak my fruits for a year If you didn’t get to soak your fruits for up to a year, then not to worry you can still have a beautiful Black Cake on your Christmas Dessert Table for your … While this recipe has received rave reviews and become a staple for many readers, I’ve teamed up with All-Clad to showcase their new Pro-Release Bakeware Set and Silicone Tools , and give this fruit cake recipe a new and improved update for the holiday season. Place lid on tightly and then turn jar upside down a few times to distribute liquid. Failure to comply with the terms of this warning may expose you to legal action for copyright infringement. Your email address will not be published. Here are my two favourite Christmas Cake Recipes. Last-Minute Christmas Cake. txnonnie Posted 11 Sep 2009 , 2:25pm. Mixed Spice . Learn how to soak fruits at home in just 20 minutes to make the best Christmas fruit cake. If the liquid is completely absorbed you can add a little more, a tablespoon at each time, every few days. Allow the fruit mixture to completely cool before blending. Give the container a daily shake. It is all based on your preference. Both use 1.2kg of mixed fruit. Black fruit cake is a popular West Indian cake that’s often made for Christmas, and dried fruit soaked in alcohol is one of the main ingredients. Why not join us and make your own? You can even use one third of the fruit mix in this Rich Christmas Cake recipe. Close the jar with it’s lid and let it soak for up to year or for at least a week. Ive been asked for these cakes and its time for me to offer to the customers what they want. Soak the fruits about 15 days before Christmas, and store in a covered air tight container in the fridge till you bake the cake a week before Christmas. You can choose to blend them or not. Feel free to substitute your own favorites; you'll need about 2 1/2 pounds dried fruit … With black tea you can use a standard cup of very strong plain tea, but it also tastes amazing to use a flavoured black tea.

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