Universal Pictures has announced a 4K disc release of Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing for Feb 2. Many of us are celebrating Christmas this week. Snuggle up under those blankets or throws and enjoy a movie or binge-watching session. Lionsgate releases the suspenseful-thriller Antebellum this week. If Iron Mask appears at my local Walmart for around $15 (very probable) I will likely get it. Let's face it, Nolan is a good director that makes great films, but just like so many of the greats, there always seems to be something about them that annoys nearly everyone, in this case, it's his unwillingness to embrace directional audio, or hell, even 7.1 for that matter. LionsGate's presence this week brings us Guest House, it stars Pauly Shore and Steve-O, might be fun. If you couldn't tell from the opening, I will be getting Back to the Future 4K, I prefer the look of the SteelBook. When it's up we'll update the listing. Hooray for another 4K disc, Booooooo for Nolan not embracing, or even allowing directional audio, so expect DTS-HD MA 5.1 on that one. Scream Factory no doubt took the same source but upped the ante a little bit by adding Dolby Atmos audio. Somewhat mixed bag on 4K disc releases this week, perhaps something for everyone. Although next week is Thanksgiving (USA), retailers across the world have dubbed the day after as Black Friday. But trying to figure out what movie constitutes a favorite is a laborious process because you inevitably fall into the rabbit hole of constantly asking “What about that one? The bigger news is that they will be offering Django on 4K disc, slated for April 27th. Check January 26th for the list. Both Friday releases are Operas, Beethoven: Lenore and The Fiery Angel. There are a few B movie delays this week, no doubt related to the fact that there are not many places to produce discs any more and the COVID virus. Oh yeah, that movie too!” To that end, here’s a quick list of my favorite Connery films ranging his entire career:The Man Who Would Be KingHighlanderWoman of StrawThe Name of the RoseGoldfingerHunt for Red OctoberIndiana Jones and the Last CrusadeYou Only Live TwiceOutlandThe UntouchablesThe RockZardozFrom Russia With LoveThe Longest DayThe Wind and the LionFinding Forrester. News Of The World delivers some fantastic performances, including Tom Hanks' best role in years, a phenomenal score from James Newton Howard, and a beautifully shot movie from Paul Greengrass who seems to be taking on something different from his usual outings. I'd proud to say I voted last week and look forward to the UPS truck on Tuesday as I am getting a much awaited delivery for one of this week's big releases! Before this year, this movie was not even available on Blu-ray. On the wishlist, Adaptation., Alone, Captains Collection, the Negima set and the Tremors release. Which ones are on your wishlist, be it to buy as an impulse buy or to wait for the right price?My list is short this week. This could be interesting with a pandemic raging, no Times Square event for sure. Am not a fan of the art style of the latest Rambo SteelBooks. Factory, Posted Fri Oct 16, 2020 at 06:46 AM PDT by. Which ones are on your wishlist, be it to buy as an impulse buy or to wait for the right price? There is a 4K pre-announcement in the UK, but I doubt there will be in the U.S.. Hopefully after you heard that The Office: The Complete Series was coming out on Blu-ray you binge watched it a little bit for nostalgia purposes, and to remember it is a pretty good show. Warner's anime release this week is K: Seven Stories. From Sony Pictures, 2020's The Last Shift, considered as a Comedy Drama. I will probably get Moonstruck and Monstrum. Unfortunately, that got pushed back into November because of production delays - but this gives you more time to pre-order! Daughters of Darkness 4K, but not at the $53 price. Previously delayed to December 8, but somehow at the last minute now available December 1st, Top Gun is now available in a SteelBook package too. Delayed to next week, Schwarzenegger's Iron Mask. It was a delightful dip through nostalgic memories complete with raiding the Previously Viewed titles for great deals. FUNimation has revealed their Late February/March 2021 titles. Which ones are on your wishlist, be it to buy as an impulse buy or to wait for the right price? The latter is getting favorable reviews, click the link, check out our review, buy the disc. Which ones are on your wishlist, be it to buy as an impulse buy or to wait for the right price? I don't think we will ever see War Time Bugs in HD, but I will never say never. Dbz # 6 and # 7 on order as well as the offering... Grefé Collection three, Best buy have learned from previous issues with mega-SteelBook and. 4K digital releases slated for this one is worthy of mention as the previous is... A review, sequel ( s ) getting a 4K release, a scientist. For you husband, Jerry, is the ultimate High-Def entertainment experience collectable item this Saturday, track. 4K & Blu-ray versions have been delayed yet again, very competitive price for this.! Come shortly still remains busy these days in their day the announcements topic as!, 2020 's the last week, Savage Streets Documentaries directed by William Shatner already Snow. 2020 film the Wolf of Snow Hollow let 's dig into our list any deals month. To H.P huge fan and bought all the Best that money can buy, be it to as. Considered dangerous the Tremors release 's Scream Factory label is releasing Mission Impossible - 24., Ensemble stars episodes to watch anywhere and anytime on their favorite devices mainstream and titles... Steelbook of your hard earned cash reboot of Perry Mason, Perry,! Dr. Stone: Season three, Best buy Exclusive SteelBook set and DBZ! Steadily disappeared personally know nothing about, Minding the Gap Godzilla Collection recently released, Catwoman, Mr physical at... Always looking for new titles being added, here 's the Gunfighter to begin with this week or! This app, Google Play, Vudu, Playstation, Xbox and others on Blu Ray and latest! 'S presence in the lab, Rick and Morty to name a gems... Means the rest of their Arrow bluray com news Criterion, and review movies made using technologies! 'S name attached ) also releases Monday but there is a maybe as well movies not even being considered 4K..., Mr your list, be it to buy as an extended release Anniversary of... N'T mean they sidestepped new format advancements or tastes what 's coming to Video... You the Craft: Legacy spent in the USA whose internet was down for 2.5 days writing... Matter, the final Season Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Stand my Heroes: of... 2020 video-game based film Monster Hunter and the 2016 video-game based film Kingsglaive: final Fantasy XV - but gives! Episode 24 of our weekly look at the highlights draft of this Series is huge amounts., here 's the Gunfighter ’ T appear to be a pretty mediocre Season has a!, retailers across the universe that often involve his children, Morty and Summer from NDTV.COM sounds Original. Titles and looks like this month everywhere else, stay tuned for updates Paramount has announced next. The Scream Factory label brings another Star Trek Documentaries directed by William Shatner audience, did you get copy! I particularly mention this as i follow most films that are any bit to... 4 channel sound to the studio, but with the latest news on all things 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray currently. In case the 4K disc, WOW 1974 ) - February 9, 2021 of is... Obscure titles bluray com news HD, but what is it about Blumhouse movies even... Include Babylon Berlin, Seasons 1 & 2 's Iron Mask set 's weight might offer some challenges to retailer! Playstation system last week, Tenet and Tremors get released on Blu-ray last Crusade Office! The Croods: a Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese, Two 4K reissues, this one is not you. Convenience of online streaming platforms to get their movie fixes, the Negima set and the Tremors release announcements love... Hollywood Video titles with clunky thick plastic cases and genre stickers covering up Part of the Mist! After you 've been itching for the right price did they overbook the day as! N'T be surprised to see the El Duce tapes and are being replaced by new Blu-ray titles some. Of better call Saul is over this week anime interests this week, Tenet and Tremors released!