Applying to use Business Express Deposit . What is my ‘Main Account Balance' and how is that different to my ‘Closing Balance’ in SmartPlan? Our notice explains how we use cookies and how you can manage them. Westpac’s Consumer Bank Chief Executive George Frazis said the Mobile Cheque Deposit feature was designed to give customers more choice and convenience. No Bank@Post deposit books will be dispatched until early 2021, in time for the new service to commence. Where can I get the Westpac SWIFT and BIC codes from? I can see my card in Apple Wallet but my transaction is declining, why? What is my 4-digit passcode and how can I add or change it? Firstly, ensure that your smartphone has the latest version of the Westpac app... Do I need to download a new app? Cheques are often considered a thing of the past, but now a new feature from Westpac is taking cheques forward into the digital age. She said Westpac would help cheque users find other ways to pay. Is Fingerprint sign in more secure than 4 digit passcode sign in? Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. What are the interest rates on your home loans? Which countries is Travel Companion available in? This leading Australian bank offers online banking, home loans, mortgages, investment loans, personal finance, everyday transaction accounts, savings accounts, bank accounts, overseas services and more. How do pending transactions affect my balance? 26 March 2021 - Last day you'll be able to manually order cheque books or bank cheques. This leading Australian bank offers online banking, home loans, mortgages, investment loans, personal finance, everyday transaction accounts, savings accounts, bank accounts, overseas services and more. I've lost my physical card; can I still use Garmin Pay on my Garmin smart watch? This information does not take your personal objectives, circumstances or needs into account. Where can I find the option to approve a Term Deposit renewal? Why can’t I see eStatements for all accounts that have been closed? Are the Samsung Pay transaction limits and PIN the same as the physical card? Or you can refer to your Business Online Administrator to reset your Password. The feature is also underpinned by the Westpac Live secure online banking platform. You may submit a total of $5,000 worth of Australian dollar cheques within any 7 day period. What do I need to set or change my PIN online? How do I notify Westpac if I’m going overseas? How do I make a payment with my Garmin smart watch? Can I use Fitbit Pay if I am overseas in the same way as I would in Australia? What accounts can Pay to Mobile payments recipients collect payment into? How can I manage the signatories for my business account? What do I do if I have issues with the Beem It app? How do I know that a PayID belongs to the correct person? Specialist business advice and updates Call the Small Business Team on 0800 99 11 99, any time between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. You are able to nominate online the size of the deposit book and whether it is to be collected from the Branch or posted to you. Which phones or devices can I use Google Pay with? if we are able to bank the cheque straight away, a charge of $5 shall apply. If I scan a cheque on a public holiday or a weekend, will it still appear the next day? some overseas cheques can take 6 weeks or longer to clear. How long does the $5 Hey You credit offer run for? How does Westpac for iMessage differ from using the banking features from within Westpac Live? Which Westpac corporate accounts are eligible for Osko Payments? How do I register for Westpac SMS Protect? How many accounts can I link my PayID to? Not recommended on public or shared devices Sign in. Conditions, fees and charges apply. The official Mobile Banking app for Westpac Australia customers. NAB app. What happens if my Samsung device is lost or stolen? / Can I add my card on multiple devices? Why when I delete and reinstall the Mobile Banking App does Westpac for iMessage disappear? How can I backdate manual payments in Biz Invoice? I want to sell my device and get a new one, how do I make sure no-one can use my cards? Do I still get reward points when I use Garmin Pay? What is the credit card repayment reminder? If I am going overseas, will I be protected? Can I use Westpac PayWear for online purchases? How can I customise an invoice number in Biz Invoice? Whirlpool Forums Addict reference: I scanned a cheque yesterday but it’s still not showing in my account today. Saver to a Westpac Term Deposit through a Westpac branch), bonus interest will not apply for the relevant month. Am I eligible for a bank account in Australia? What are the new upgraded features of Online Banking? Features and benefits. Am I protected if someone attempts to open a joint account without my consent? Can I add multiple cards to Apple Pay on my device? Acceptance of over the counter deposits containing cash (notes and coin) and cheques (these are the deposits you make at Westpac either over the counter with a teller, through a Business Express Deposit box or via a smart ATM.) How can I get the $5 Hey You credit offer if I don't have the Hey You app installed on my mobile? My device has been lost or stolen. If I have an iPhone X, can I use Face ID on the Westpac app to log in? And last day to open new cheque facilities. Can more than one person use their fingerprint to sign in on the same device? Can more than one person’s face be stored on the iPhone X? What happens if I scan my fingerprint incorrectly more than 5 times? What happens if I want to break a Term Deposit contract before maturity? A fee of $12.00 will apply. Just a heads up, there’s a $6,000 daily limit on Bank@Post deposits, and cheques may take up to 5 business days to clear. Our BankVic branches are available to deposit funds. Can I use Garmin Pay if I am overseas in the same way as I would in Australia? This can be done by visiting a Westpac branch. How do I set up a credit card repayment reminder in the Westpac Mobile Banking app? How do I use my PayID to receive payments? My card details have been removed from the Google Pay app. Things you should know. Does my iPad need to be password protected to register for fingerprint sign in? With the removal of the online keypad, I’m concerned about keylogger software, what does Westpac do to protect me? How do I dispute a transaction made using Apple Pay? How long will it take for the cheques to appear as a deposit in my account? Can business cards be added to Apple Pay? Funds will usually become available after a further 3 business days. Do I need to do anything to get ready to be able to use PayID? How do I arrange for Mobile Payments to be blocked if my phone becomes lost or stolen? You can do this through a Post Office or an Australia Post agency. How do I make a BPAY® payment using Mobile Banking? How can I find the interest earned on my account in the last financial year? Tips. Do I need to have Westpac SMS Protect to set up a PayID? Are there any fees and charges associated with Online Banking? Which phones and devices can I use Fitbit Pay with? What happens if my Fitbit smart watch is lost or stolen? A fee of $12.00 will apply. Not available on certain personal and business accounts including savings, credit card and term deposit accounts. This information does not take your personal objectives, circumstances or needs into account. How can I get it using Online Or Mobile Banking? Why can’t I sign in to my Mobile Banking? How do I use Samsung Pay on my Samsung Gear watch? Essentials. Click here for Can I use my digital card details to make online transactions? I can see my card in my Garmin but the transaction is declining. If I’ve reported a fraudulent transaction on my card, will I still be able to use my Digital Card details? I entered the incorrect amount of the cheque when I scanned it, what do I do? Can I report a lost or stolen card from Online Banking? Can I activate my card on mobile if I don’t have the app? Conditions, fees and charges apply. What happens when I fill in the online form? What happens if a Term Deposit is held as a security or has a restricted status? Check if your bank offers online deposit. Ask for a receipt that shows your current balance before leaving. Which banking tasks can I perform using the Westpac Keyboard? Mobile cheque deposits are available on eligible transaction accounts. What is the ‘Monthly Payment Due’ and how is that different from my ‘Minimum Payment Due’ in SmartPlan? What do I need to do to successfully add a card to Google Pay? I sold bitcoins worth of $9500 to a person who told me that he made cheque deposit to my account by using SMART ATM of Westpac bank. Can I make a payment in a different currency using Siri? How do I refresh Quick Balance on my Apple Watch? How does Westpac know that it is my fingerprint? Manage Term Deposit online - can I give third party account access to a person/organisation and how do I set it up? What happens if the cheque is dishonoured or declined? Where can I make purchases using my mobile? Should I close the accounts of the deceased? If I have Face ID capability on my device, do I have to use Face ID sign in for Mobile Banking? I'm having trouble enabling the Westpac Banking skill. Can I use Apple Pay as a backup if lose my physical card? “While cheques have a reputation for being old-fashioned, we still receive more than 30,000 cheques from customers every day,” Mr … Tips. Why can't I deposit into my credit card account like I am used to doing via the branch or ATM? Are the Fitbit Pay transaction limits and PIN the same as my physical Card? Westpac’s Consumer Bank Chief Executive George Frazis said the Mobile Cheque Deposit feature was designed to give customers more choice and convenience. How secure is it to set or change my PIN online? Is Westpac Keyboard available on all messaging apps? I have an Android device, can I access an Instant Digital Card? You just need to put your card in, enter your pin number, it will come up with the options such as withdraw, deposit etc, choose the deposit option. Which account can my PayID be linked to and can I change it once registered? What if I have 2 banking apps? I need help opening a joint account. I'm having trouble linking the Westpac Action. What is the account overview in Westpac Online Banking and Mobile Banking? Can I manage this online? Can I use Samsung Pay as a backup when my card is blocked or reported lost/stolen? Simply speak to a Westpac Customer Service Representative by calling 132 032. Do I need to use my card PIN with Google Pay? What do I require to successfully add a Card to Garmin Pay? These may change or we may introduce new ones in the future. Register here to do your banking securely, when and where you want, using Westpac Online and Mobile Banking. What happens if I don’t want to set up 4 digit passcode immediately after downloading the new app? What should I do if I want to deposit a cheque greater $20,000? The mobile cheque deposit feature is also available on the Westpac Live secure online banking platform. Can someone else use Alexa to access my Westpac accounts? What is the 'Pay' button in the Westpac Mobile Banking app? Can I make or receive international payments with Osko® or PayID? Call us on 1300 655 505 8am-8pm, 7 days a week. Are all letters going to be sent digitally? How do I install the Travel Companion feature? Australian banking group Westpac announced on Monday the launch of its Mobile Cheque Deposit feature. How do I dispute a card transaction in Westpac Online and Mobile Banking? ; 27 November 2020 - Last day cheque books will be automatically issued. What do I do? What are the permissions I’ll see on my phone and why are they requested by the Westpac Android Mobile Banking App? Enter the cheque amount and select the account you wish to deposit the cheque into. Photograph the front and back of the cheque, ensure the scanned details are correct and tap 'Submit'. Sign in to Westpac Live Online Banking. Skip the trip to the bank by depositing cheques quickly and easily using the Westpac App. How do I transfer between my accounts using Online Banking? I received an email from Westpac. The new Mobile Cheque Deposit feature is now available for more than 1.65 million eligible Westpac customers, with more being added each week. I need to make a change to my Direct Debit repayments? In an Australian first Westpac has launched Westpac Mobile Cheque Deposit… I’ve added my Westpac Mastercard debit card but can’t see CHQ/SAV. Is it possible to change the ATM / EFTPOS limits on my Handycard? If you can't find what you're looking for, please use the "Email Us" tab on the left. How do I know if my contactless payment using Westpac PayWear has been successful? Can I choose the one I want to use for the transaction? Where do I find my messages and alerts on Westpac Online Banking? Available on accounts with a cheque drawing facility. In an Australian banking first, eligible customers can now scan and deposit cheques from their smartphone using Westpac Mobile Cheque Deposit. Westpac Protect™ Register for online banking. How do I update my email? To save having to visit the Branch to get deposit books you can order them online and either collect them or have them posted to you. I do it all the time because I work business hours and can't get into a branch. More success stories Hide success stories. Do I need an internet connection to make payments through Samsung Pay? Can I use my Digital Card details for cardless cash withdrawals? This information is a guide only and does not take into account your personal financial situation or goals. Please note that until the new Bank@Post deposit books are available that Bank@Post services cannot be used. Can I add my card to multiple smart devices and wallets? How will my personal information be shared with Apple? Can I add multiple cards to my Garmin smart watch? You should deposit any existing cheques … How do I set up a recurring payment online? On what devices can I use Siri for Westpac banking? What is Siri and how do I set it up on my iPhone? How do I set up a new bank account before I arrive in Australia? Do I need an internet connection to make Garmin Pay payments? What are the Centsitive Objects Slimline Keeper and Centsitive Patch? What are the eligible accounts that I can register to make payments using Siri? Eligibility criteria. Fees. Latest updates to Business Online ; Making changes in Business Online. When the Westpac Banking for iPad app is updated, will I need to reset fingerprint sign in? I sent an invitation to my joint applicant, but the account isn’t open yet.